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Patrick - Co-Founder


Dominique - Social Media


Marc - Co- Founder


The story of Bellivia

We are Bellivia from Switzerland. Founded by two fathers, Marc & Patrick in 2019.

Both Marc & Patrick have 2 kids: Max & Paulina and

Isabella & Alicia.

Marc & Patrick were constantly irritated  by the fact that the first thing that happened

at the start of every family meal was that their little ones knocked over their drink and

spilled everything across the table. Annoying for both kids and parents. Neither Marc

nor Patrick managed to find a product that fully addresses this problem.

By coincidence they shared their common frustration one day during a business lunch

and spontaneously decided to come up with their own solution. They founded their own

company and started to get to work. After countless prototypes and designs, the

eat & play pad was born. A high-end placemat that is made from the best silicone

available. It sticks to the table and features two ergonomically designed holders, which

safely store drinking glasses as well as craft utensils like watercolor cups or beads. It is

"designed with love in Switzerland" and lives up to the expected Swiss design and

quality level.

Bellivia’s brand identity is “Passion For Family”. It is embodied by the passion of

Marc & Patrick to go the extra mile to help their own and other families to

overcome daily frustrations. We believe that our passion and dedication shows in

the quality and the ingenuity of the eat & play pad.

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