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Bellivia's slip-resistant eat & play pad offers - due to its revolutionary design - the perfect solution for everyday's mess at the family table. By regularly using the eat & play pad children learn to eat, drink and play indepently. With every use, they increase their self confidence. 


Bellivia's eat & play pad features two ergonomically designed holders. Children can drink their favorite drink out of a regular glass or cup like grown-ups. The drink is always perfectly stored and cannot tip over. Special feeding cups become obsolete.

The holders are ideally suited to accommodate baby food containers, snacks, veggie sticks or a second cup. Due to its generous size (47cm x 30cm), the eat & play pad offers ample space to make eating child’s play.


Bellivia’s eat & play pad does not only keep everything tidy while eating and drinking, it has also been developed for playing and handicrafts. The holders are perfect to store craft – and play-utensils like beads, marbles, paintbrushes, cups for watercolors or crayons.

The product

Bellivia’s eat & play pad automatically sticks to the table and creates a stable, non-slip base. We only use the very best food-grade silicone, which is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances. The eat & play pad is of course dishwasher-proof. It’s available in 4 gorgeous colors, which are loved by parents and kids. We tested that. ;-)

TUMA Ventures GmbH, Im Gisel 5, 8536 Huettwilen, Switzerland

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